Obama’s Inauguration by Renford Reese

I didn't want to add up to the current hysteria and am grateful to Renford to have summed up all my thoughts with his deeper African American insight....I'm sure you'll appreciate and I also invite you to check his excellent website with lots of other resources Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, CA) Wednesday, January 21, … Continue reading Obama’s Inauguration by Renford Reese

François Crépeau

Congratulations to my friend François Crépeau who has been appointed since 1 January 2009, Hans & Tamar Oppenheimer Professor of Public International Law, at the Faculty of Law of McGill University. **************************************************** FRANÇOIS CRÉPEAU Lauréat Trudeau Fellow 2008-2011 Professeur Hans & Tamar Oppenheimer de Droit International Public Hans & Tamar Oppenheimer Professor of Public International … Continue reading François Crépeau

testimonies from cosmo people

Through my Facebook contacts, I'm getting some first hand accounts of people multiculturalism....you'd be surprised and fascinated to realize how common this cosmopolitanism is...I created a COSMO Page ...check my pages out for more. I decided to publish some of the most extraordinary messages and I started with Can....If you think multiculturalism is a new … Continue reading testimonies from cosmo people