Maybe because I’m a female academic, maybe because I could haveI been in her situation, maybe because I was appalled by the opening of the Durban Review at the UN in May…whatever the reason, I decided to support the committee which tries to obtain the liberation of Clotilde. What she wrote was quite accurate and honest. She was witnessing a crisis and foreign journalists have shown similar photos without the same charge nor being detained as she is since a while.

I know a lot of wonderful iranian people and admire this incredibly rich civilisation….I’m simply questioning how civilised it is to detain a young woman who has devoted her life to the study of this civilisation simply because she was an honest witness of a crisis no one can deny…

I always keep a refrained attitude towards any internal problem in any country, simply because I consider that I usually don’t have enough information. In this case, no reason can stand for keeping Clotilde in prison. She is an innocent victim of a regime which isn’t demonstrating much humanity in the present case….

The Academic Support Committee for the Liberation of Clotilde also supports her liberation. Sign the petition if you think it’s an appropriate way to look at yourself in a mirror…Happy Birthday Dear Clotilde. On July 31st, I will dedicate my thoughts, writings and messages to your unfair predicament ! Je t’adresse, chère Clothilde mes voeux  les plus sincères pour une libération prompte et j’en profite pour adresser à l’Iran mes meilleurs voeux pour un retour à sa haute tradition d’intelligence, de tolérance et de culture!

5 thoughts on “Thinking about Clotilde Reiss and good wishes on her birthday

  1. Hello
    if have cited your posting “thinking about Clotilde Reiss” in my last posting “comme les images se ressemblent” in my “paysages” blog !
    best wishes from Europe


  2. Desde que supe la noticia me produjo una enorme tristeza y no dejo de pensar en Clotilde todo el tiempo. A cada momento le pido a Dios que haga el milagro de liberarla, alejarla de esos salvajes y crueles. Es increíble que informar, mínimamente y de modo parcial, sea interpretado como un delito. ¿Será que estos iraníes pretenden iniciar una guerra contra occidente?


    1. Alvaro, thank you for your message…I don’t think that hatred or despise or prejudices are going to solve the issue. It’s mutual respect for the great Iranian people and for a young scholar who devoted her life to the study of this extraordinary Persian culture that we are demanding. Iranians and the Iranian government are anyhow obviously two different entity…it’s like assimilating Bush to all the American people…or Spaniards to the Basque terrorists…


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