De la frangipane aux frangipaniers

J'ai écrit le début de ce texte il y a exactement une semaine depuis ma petite école des riziè vous la livre avec déjà une pointe de nostalgie car ces saveurs, parfums, rires et moments d'intimité et de bonheur avec une communauté qui m'a accueillie comme l'une des leurs m'a touchée profondément. L'être humain peut être si bon, convivial et ouvert...parfois et surtout si on a la chance de tomber sur le bon spécimen!

Martin Luther King Jr. would still be disappointed in America.

I read or listen to Brother Cornel's bitter comments and finally found some sunshine! Merci Renford!!! King would be proud if we used our transformative powers for good: Opinion published in The Daily Bulletin with the author's permission By Professor Renford Reese He would be proud that a multi-ethnic coalition elected Barack Obama to a … Continue reading Martin Luther King Jr. would still be disappointed in America.

Impressions du Mékong

My impressions from both sides of the Mekong and my regards from my ricefields outbacks here in Thailand where I am spending two weeks teaching a bit and learning a lot! This post is about Laos, a wedding, ceremony and a trip with my first impressions of my school.

Happy Spicy New Year 2013 (pour une année “treize épicée”)

Happy Spicy New Year to my old and new friends and to my readers who are invited to ask more questions, in the purely cosmopolitan Jewish tradition (the worst is always the one "She-Eino Yodea Lishol"(who doesn't know how to ask a question). This post is a brief and very superficial overview on an intense time in Thailand.