Berbela, le cœur de la Favela

Artistes et confusions en tout genre, le premier jour au Brésil fut une entrée en matière pour le moins...brésilienne! Ebouriffante rencontre d'un monde à la fois très proche et totalement inconnu. J'espère que les images reflètent mon intense sentiment d'être à la fois chez moi dans cet univers cosmopolite et très loin de mes repères sociologiques une fois de plus!

International Conference on Language Rights, Dublin, May 24, 2013

Old timers and Junior Official Language Commissioners met on Friday May 24th 2013 at the first International Conference on Language Rights of its kind and to launch an eponym association. Commissioners, Ombudsmen and appointed Ministry officials in charge of monitoring the Linguistic policies of their country showed the vast range and discrepancy of attribution, budget and capacities of such a position and all agreed it wasn't an easy task as people tend to shoot the ambulance.

Naïve or Traitor? The last but not least contribution on JCall Trip to Israel and Palestinian Territories in April-May 2013

If you are puzzled by the title, let me just tell you these are only some of the nice names I've been called by some Israelis here. Not all of them, far from it, and strangely enough usually from newcomers as opposed to the Pro-Peace camp made mostly of 3d or 4th generation Jews in Israel. Food for thought? I'm glad to share with you my last notes on my JCall visit, thanking again David Chemla and Alain Rozenkier for making my own return to Israel possible 😉

et si Motti avait raison…?

Ma visite "activiste" est sur le point de s'achever. Terrible constat du lavage de cerveaux israélien et de  la conviction cynique pour une majorité d'Israéliens de l'inextricabilité du conflit. Celui qui l'a finalement le mieux résumé est peut-être Motti qui s'occupe d'un kiosque sur Hayarkon street à Tel Aviv: Il n'y aura jamais de paix … Continue reading et si Motti avait raison…?

42, by Renford Reese

The Daily Bulletin (Ontario, CA) Guest Columnist: Renford Reese, Ph.D. April 30, 2013 42: The Great Legacy of Jackie Robinson A couple of years ago I was a commentator on the Biography Channel’s mini documentary on Jackie Robinson. This documentary captured only a snippet of my thoughts about Robinson’s impact on American society. I … Continue reading 42, by Renford Reese