Views and Bridges: Cosmopolitan Brazil, from Avenue to Rua Simon Bolivar

My trip to Brazil was a firework of sensations, sights, human encounters. An amazing amount of wonderful perspectives, architectures, baroque or deliberately modern, and the open arms and the gentle smile of Brazilians impressed the lonely traveler. I was wondering why everyone was so fond of this country...these countries because each state and city is so different, now I know: Brazil is where where everyone feels at home.

Amazing Amazonia

Amaz...ed note about an city on the Amaz...on, with its variety of coexisting architecture, from the wonderful but largely dilapidated buildings which witnessed the European influence and early development of the Metropole in the Jungle to super modern infrastructure and beautifully restored a way, Manaus IS Brazil, a bit of everything with a definite taste for exotism, european flavours and supernature!