Month: January 2015

‘Tis the time’s plague…

As as sociolinguist, I have always favored communicative skills and really wonder why we communicate so much to so few. I discovered how great Facebook was when you know how to use it and share your value. I share this blog with the groups I founded Sociolinguists on Facebook and Académie Sans Frontières. Both of course reflect my values and have taught me to listen to the others’ values…I welcome their feedback and yours, my dear and surprising readers from all over the world!


Impossible d’attendre lundi pour réagir à la sauvagerie et l’inhumanité qui prend mes frères humains pour cible pour un trait de plume ou une appartenance religieuse…A cause de tous ces cons, il va me falloir lire Charlie et manger casher pour démontrer mon appartenance???? MERDE, MERDE, MERDE, MERDE ET MERDE!!!!!