5 Îles, 5 styles et autant de Madeleines: un 150ème Canadien rugissant!

John Oliver may have jokingly referred to Canada as the baby England and America abandoned in the snow, it remains one of the most diverse, beautiful and awesome places on this planet and wait…the good news is that its people are just as diverse, beautiful and awesome! En français dans le texte!

Art makes you happy

Today was supposed to be WIPCE Community Tour Day…except that I got the time wrong and that my new Cree … More

Échos des Vikings: ma saga Tune!

15’000 ans, les ancêtres des 1st Nations, 1000 ans les Islandais ou Vikings, 900 ans les basques, 500 ans les français, 250 ans Captain Cook, 150 ans la Confédération, 2017, une Tune débarque!