Like so many Jews around the world today, this was both a very happy and sad moment of gathering via screens. As the New York Times has put it, “Passover goes on, with screens

Boy… where should I start…? Let’s say it’s been a long day! I didn’t wake up too early as I needed a bit of a rest but was out at 9 to get my flowers. I can’t really explain why being confined has meant rediscovering how precious flowers were.. I also have some fun with my friends regarding the obligation to wear a scarf or a mask.

A good friend said it sounded like me 🤣
So I changed my office into…
A cleared table….
Into an adorned one
Getting ready for the Seder
From my mint bush to the main dishes of this evening
And a special delivery to my son
Seder “clef en main”.
Almost there

After the prayer we had dinner together with my son on WhatsApp and after a chat with Marc and getting ready to a good night’s rest but not before some funny pictures of the day (see also my festival page for traditional pixes) and my warm greetings to you all! Stay safe and take care of yourselves!

Other interesting leads of the day : An international radio.

Warning questions.

Updates on the virus

3 thoughts on “Chroniques Covid Chronicles Day 27

  1. admiré ta préparation, ton partage généreux et en famille, tu es une vraie mère juive ! bien ri au festival de blagues. bzz


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