Nature et culture équatoriennes

Certes, en choisissant cette destination, j’étais consciente d’avoir touché le gros lot! Six mois après l’autre pays des volcans et de la glace, me revoici sous le charme envoûtant de l’alliance du feu et de l’eau! Et bien malgré ces attentes, le moins que je puisse dire est que je suis déçue en bien!!!! La Nature….je vous laisse juges et y ajouterai les autres photos … Continue reading Nature et culture équatoriennes

Christmas in Ecuador

I still can’t believe this dream has finally come true…. I have the strong impression this peaceful country is the end of my quest for Andean mysteries…a sort of twin figure to Iceland, full of volcanoes yet very little snow and  so many heights and sights. I guess my love for authentic places and cultures originates in my own diverse cosmopolitan background! My first stop … Continue reading Christmas in Ecuador

My cosmopolitan genome 

About six months ago, my friend Irene challenged me into knowing my part of Neanderthal.  The National Geographic has launched an amazing program called Gen 2.0 : Next generation your story, our story, the human story… Although of course I got curious, I was more curious about my own ancestry given what my family led me to believe and which proves to be totally correct. … Continue reading My cosmopolitan genome 

Cosmopolitan metropolitan London 

I wrote a post on fabulous London in a heartbroken post this summer…so when my daughter Clélia #picturingtime suggested a London Weekend to watch my Dad parade, it seemed to me a perfect way to enjoy the treasures this overcrowded buzzing city has to offer! But before it all started let me tells you a fairy tale story… When I got back from my extended summer … Continue reading Cosmopolitan metropolitan London 

Trump’s magic show is over, by Renford Reese 

This OpEd published in The Sun by my dear and long time friend and colleague Professor Renford Reese was sent to me with a heartbreaking personal message I will keep to myself. Yet in these trying times his very sensible opinion is more precious than ever. His flawless writing speaks of gold.  Donald Trump’s surprising presidential election shows the strength and the weakness of the … Continue reading Trump’s magic show is over, by Renford Reese 

From vibrantly pluricultural Dublin on a gloomy week for the world 

Paper dedicated to my wonderful friend and interdependent activist, the brilliant artist John Scott, Artistic Director of the Irish Dance Center Those who care to read me in these cosmopolitan pages know my multiple passions, for life, languages, education, art, academia, history but above all, or rather as a common feature, for my fellow world citizens. I feel at home on the smallest island as … Continue reading From vibrantly pluricultural Dublin on a gloomy week for the world 

Sicily: Longing for Syracuse…

Images speak for themselves….I adored Sicily but Syracuse was my ultimate favorite!I still can’t explain it but this city went into my heart even deeper than Trapani…despite the grandiose other marvels I was lucky to enjoy and keep close to my heart!Sicily….I already long to be back to your hospitable shores! Continue reading Sicily: Longing for Syracuse…