Upcoming conferences and calls for papers

Dear all,
The Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration (ETMU) in Finland organizes annual conference with the topic of “Race, Power and Mobilities”. CFP is now open.
ETMU Days, October 26–27, 2017
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
                                            Race, Power and Mobilities
Call for Papers
The 14th ETMU Days of 2017 will take place in Jyväskylä. This year’s theme “Race, Power, and Mobilities” hopes to break taboos around the word “race” with the intention of reclaiming it and drawing attention to processes of racialization, power, and movement as well as their intersections. On the one hand, in the Nordic countries previous studies on (im)migration and ethnicity, have mainly neglected or ignored questions of power. On the other hand, whiteness and critical race scholars have commonly analyzed power and racialization processes without foregrounding issues of mobilities. Therefore, we believe that in the study of migration and mobility there is an urgent need of scholarship that unites critical analyses of power and hierarchical structures with a focus on racialization.
The conference theme will be explored and illuminated by our invited keynote speakers:
-       Kaarina Nikunen, University of Tampere, Finland
-       Tobias Hübinette, Karlstad Universitet, Sweden
-       Nando Sigona, University of Birmingham, UK
In addition, as another highlight of the 2017 ETMU Days, an invited panel organized in collaboration with the anti-racist RASTER research network will discuss practices and consequences of racialization.
We are now inviting abstracts for the working groups. The following working groups are included in the program (descriptions and contact information for the working groups can be found at http://etmudays.etmu.fi/en/working-groups-2017):
1. Challenges to Migrant and Racialized Researchers in the Nordic Countries: Contesting Whiteness for Equality, Equity and Social Justice in White Finnish Academia
2. Cross-cultural understandings of race
3. Distress, traumas and mental coping in migration and displacement
4. Expressions of race and racism online
5. Insecure lives: exploring irregular migration in Nordic welfare states
6. Integration policy and promoting integration (Kotouttamispolitiikka ja kotoutumisen muu edistäminen)
7. Learning from the “refugee crisis”
8. Maahanmuutto ja väestön moninaistuminen suomalaisessa terveys- ja hyvinvointitutkimuksessa
9. Multinational Youth and the Renaissance of Nationalism
10. Negotiating Identity: On Losing and Maintaining One’s Race and Ethnicity
11. Power of representations: racialization and (non-)belonging in arts and media
12. Problematizing Inclusion, Innovation and Internationalization in terms of Race, Power and Mobilities
13. Queer Theory approaches to race, power, and mobilities in the Nordic Regions
14. Rotu, valta ja liikkuvuus
15. The Politics of Listening
16. Transnationalism as a social resource among immigrant communities
17. Suhteet, valta ja luottamus tutkimuseettisinä kysymyksinä maahanmuuttotutkimuksessa
Abstracts of 300–400 words should be sent directly to the working group conveners by August 31, 2017. Contact information of the conveners along with the working group descriptions can be found at http://etmudays.etmu.fi/en/working-groups-2017.
The main languages of the ETMU Days are English, Finnish, Swedish and Finnish Sign Language. All keynotes will be presented in English. We encourage participants to use multilingual and visual resources in their presentations in order to enable multilingual and multidisciplinary discussions.
ETMU Days also organizes a pre-conference seminar for doctoral students on October 25, 2017. More information about the pre-conference on our website.
Important dates and practicalities
●     Call for papers starts July 1, 2017
●     Call for papers ends August 31, 2017
●     Abstracts of 300–400 words should be sent directly to convener(s) of the working groups
●     The notification of acceptance of papers September 15, 2017
●     Registration starts September 15, 2017
●     Pre-conference for Ph.D. students October 25, 2017
●     ETMU Days October 26–27, 2017
For any enquiries regarding ETMU Days, please contact: etmu2017@gmail.com
For fees, registration, updated news, please check our website: http://etmudays.etmu.fi/
ETMU Days 2017 on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/134798420405249/
We are on Twitter: @ETMU2017, #ETMU2017
We look forward to seeing you at ETMU Days!
Local organising committee
Sari Pöyhönen & Tuija Saresma (co-chairs)
Minna Nerg (secretary)
Johanna Ennser-Kananen, Outi Fingerroos, David Hoffman, Karina Horsti, Katarzyna Kärkkäinen, Päivi Pirkkalainen, Maiju Strömmer, Sonya Sahradyan and Sanna-Mari Vierimaa.
Professor Sari Pöyhönen
Centre for Applied Language Studies
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
T: +358 400 248057
Twitter: @saripoyhonen
W: https://www.jyu.fi/hytk/fi/laitokset/solki/en/staff/SariPoyhonen
Jag bor i Oravais
Toinen koti – Other home
ReClaS – Research Collegium for Language in Changing Society

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