Obama’s Inauguration by Renford Reese

I didn’t want to add up to the current hysteria and am grateful to Renford to have summed up all my thoughts with his deeper African American insight….I’m sure you’ll appreciate and I also invite you to check his excellent website with lots of other resources Inland Valley Daily Bulletin […]

New Year count down

Dear Friends, Warm wishes from on this New Year’s Eve! 2008 was one of my most amazing years todate….I hope I won’t turn back to these lovely memories but will build new ones with all of you. Enjoy the moment, carpe diem and Happy New Year from the bottom of […]

Just out of the press…

Détail de l’ouvrage recto • verso L’ANGLAIS ET LES CULTURES : CARREFOUR OU FRONTIÈRE ? Droit et Culture n°54 COMMUNICATION, MÉDIAS EDUCATION LANGUE La place de l’anglais est devenue un sujet de controverse qui laisse peu d’espace à une évocation des aspects positifs d’une langue internationale démocratiquement répandue. Ces contributions […]