The social networks are a fabulous way to share all our festivals!  Seeing the inventivity of my friend’s posts, I decided to share them with you and I hope that in the coming festivals I’ll be able to increase this section I  will also add the links to my previous posts on the different  festivals….work in progress!

Rosh Hachana

Passover is definitely my favorite festival! Theatrical, savory in the Spring;-)…and Had Gadya is among my most expected singing moments! Thanks to my cousin Mario Masliah, I’m happy to be able to link this traditional song to a wonderful website regarding our sephardic rites.

Happy Pessah !

Out of Egypt maybe but back to hieroglyphs 😂😂😂

Emoji Haggada 📖:

A long time ago the ✡were ⛓ in 🇪🇬and had to 🛠⛏all day. Moses went to Pharoah, turned his 🎋 into a 🐍 and 🗯: Let my 👫👬👭🚸🆓❗Pharoah 🗯: 🚫‼ So God sent 🔟 plagues: 💉, 🐸,🕷, 🦁🐅🐊, ☠,💥,☄,🌬🐛, 🗣🌑, 😱🛌. Finally Pharoah 🗯: get outta here 🔜❗ Go by 🚙🚜🚲✈🚌🛳 or 🐪 just go and don’t come 🔙❗ The ✡ took all the 💰💰 in 🇪🇬 and tried to bake some 🍞 but they had to leave 🆘 by 🕛 so the 🍞 didn’t rise and ended up looking like🍘. So the ✡👫👬👭 ran to the 🏜 , but oh no! The 🇪🇬 changed their minds and came ⚔🔫 and the ✡ got stuck by the 🌊 of 🌾. So Nachshon🏃🏻into the 💦 and the sea 🌊☀🌊. Yay! Miriam 💃🏻🎶 and everyone 🎤🎼 and everyone 🍾🎉 and was 😄😃. Then they wandered in the desert ⛺🗺 until they came to a 🗻 and got the 🔟 📜 . And now we 🍽 lots of 🍜🍗 🍰 (but not 🍞) and drink🍷🍷🍷🍷! We invite all 👫👫 to the table: the 🤓 , the 😈, the 😇, and the 🤐. We 🎤 about one 🐐 that 👱🏼 bought for two 💲, but then came a 😼 and a 🐶 and a 🎋 and a 🔥 and 💦 and a 🐮 and a 👻🔪 and finally🗿. Everyone is about to 💤💤 because it is 🕑 so now we 🔚. Next year in 🇮🇱

…and the very best….Orthodox Easter More serious references: Juifs de Sousse (Merci Raoudha!)