NGV Triennal 2018

Voir mon post sur Melbourne

Whitney Biennial 2017

Voir aussi  le post sur New York et profitez des vues sur l’East River!

Expo Romy, Ministère de la Culture, Pristina, le 20 avril 2017 (voir aussi ici)

Expo Cy Twombly, centre Georges Pompidou March 11th, 2017

When there’s more than meets the eye…! I can’t believe 40 years have passed since my first visit to a centre and a library in which I spent much of teenage years

Art Genève Janvier 2017

This video doesn’t exist

This video doesn’t exist
Festival Images, Vevey, septembre 2016

Avec mon amie Anita
C’est bien une photo…à part le cadre il n’y a rien sur cette table
Vue depuis la chambre des 3 Couronnes “retoquée” par Alec Soth

Art Basel, June 2016

I attended this fabulous arts fair

at the end of a weekend in Medieval Colmar after the reopening of the Unterlinden Museum and the restoration of the breathtaking Retable d’Issenheim, thus my choice for the opening piece of my very subjective and literary account

Pauline Olowska : Pieta

David Altmejd

Robert Barry

José Davila Femmes d’Alger (and portrayed Men running)

Lawrence Weiner, situation conséquence 

Robert Polidori 

New Peace variation replica (film)

Galerie Selma Feriani, Sidi Bou Said, Massinissa Selmani: Potential Memory III

Radish,2016 Joaõ Maria Gusmao Pedro Paiva

Ja chong-hyun 2009, Conjunction 

Stephen G. Rhodes, propertyless plan: welcome away, paradise extra 2016

Roni Horn, Remembered Words

Louise Bourgeois

And my other surprises and delights

Joseph Kossuth Mondrian’s work IX 2015

Simon Denny: Zug Blochchain

Elliott Hundley, The stage blacked out

Robert Motherwell

Aix-en-Provence and Le Puy-Ste Réparade, May 2016

Château La Coste, “in the jaw-dropping Chateau la Coste vineyard near the village of Le Puy-Sainte-Reparade, close to sunkissed Aix en Provence on theCote d’Azur” to quote Nick Webb in The Independent

Owed by an amazingly “normal ” Irishman Paddy McKillen who manages it personally with his sister Mara, warm and welcoming, this Estate is a real all-Irish territory with more than a touch of cosmopolitanism through the greatest artistic names of the Who’s Who of contemporary art and architecture.

Opening of Lee Ufan’s exhibition with some of the world’s keenest art collectors, gallerists and specialists such as Kamel Mennour, Michèle Cohen and her prodigious  daughter Sacha and multidisciplinary art specialist and critic Bernard Marcadé …and many more! 

Art museum Reykjavik, Mars 2016

Erro: Flux de la Sharpeville asexuée 1959-60, tableau antérieur au massacre de Sharpeville (transvaal) 21 mars 1969 67 morts plus de 200 blessés:

Bureau de propagande Fucky-Strike, 1959 :
 Death of an art collector 1959:

Mais aussi:


Michael Joaquin Grey back to the sandbox exhibition


Berglind Jóna Hlynsdóttir : Class Divider installation


Exposition Anselm Kiefer, Musée Pompidou, Paris 2016. Réflexion sur l’art et le nazisme

Shevirath Hakelim….Ein sof: Brisure des ustensiles. C’est un terme kabbalistique qui fait allusion au dessein de l’Eternel dans des situations graves


Fondation Vuitton été 2015

Fondation Vuitton Paris



©DRM, Daphné Romy Masliah
Musée Pierre Soulages à Rodez


vitraux de Pierre Soulages, Ste Foy, Conques,
reflets amicaux devant le Musée Soulages de Conques
vitrail de Pierre Soulages, Ste Foy, Conques, ©DRM, Daphné Romy Masliah

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