“Fall and Recover” and the Irish Modern Dance Theatre narrative by John Scott

His dance company, Irish Modern Dance Theatre, has some interesting dancers with very different bodies and styles, ex Cunningham , fierce, passionate Irish dancers from Dublin used to working in adversarial conditions for dance, then there’s Florence from Togo – spine damaged in three places...and all the others. Read more about this fascinating cosmopolitan company

Chiang Mai Conference on Language Rights, Inclusion and the Prevention of Ethnic Conflicts (13-17 Dec. 2012)

My very personal summary of quite a special meeting in Chiang Mai. People, topics, sights, music, dialogues, it was human and beautiful from the first to the very last minute!

Imagination and Achievement

France, my country, has a new president...Following a nasty campaign which left me an ugly impression of mutual hatred...So President Sarkozy, whose heritage is clearly foreign and who chose for the first time in history Ministers of all walks of life and political background was suddenly a little Pétain...I felt sad, not because I liked … Continue reading Imagination and Achievement