Where should I start…India was more than an unforgettable and rich experience, it was a trip from which I come different.

How many times did I hear this comment from my friends and colleagues who went to visit this immense and fabulously diverse country? And all along, I was thinking of misery, poor sanitary conditions, castes, dalits….the kind of tourism I had promised myself never to undertake!

Then suddenly, my life, up to then rather poor in contacts with Indian people, suddenly got full of them. First there was Probal Dasgupta who kindly shared his tribute to a friend in this paper and whom you can also find on other academic sites. Probal is one of the finest sociolinguists I’ve ever met and a dedicated esperantist.

Probal wrote such a beautiful paper, soon published in Droit et Culture that our Board invited him to co-edit with Papia Sungupta a forthcoming issue of our journal. Click on this link for more info.

Then I started Nordic Walking with a fine young lady from Delhi, Dipti, who told me my fears were vain and that Delhi was just another big city, in which she was right…

But the blow or rather the real move came from my “little brother” Dr. Surendra Pathak who invited me to present at the IASE International Seminar on Teachers’ Education for Peace and Harmony. Here is my paper:MULTI-UNIVERSAL (click to open)

I’ve published a first impressions paper in a new page I entitled Indian Impressions as I believe India is a world I wish to explore and I need to get much closer to. My next papers on this Indian trip and on India in general will be published on this specific page and will encompass education issues, sights and culture and people.

Here, I just wish to send my love to the wonderful and unforgettable Shri Kanak Mal Dugar who welcomed me as his family member,

together with his wonderful family, wife, daughter, sons and in-laws included who all gathered to make us feel part of an authentic Indian/Rajastani event as well as encompassing us all in a true feeling of cosmopolitanism.

To my dear Surendra Pathak, convener of this seminar:

The guy because of whom I finally visited India, Dr. Surendra Pathak

to our gardian angel Anand Yogi,

Anand Yogi

his beautiful wife and adorable Yogista who is a first class interior designer who loves adorning her parent’s walls with her drawing. I can’t wait to see their flat when she turns tall enough to reach the ceiling! Here’s a photo of a spiritual gathering at sunset in his house

and to my many, many more friends, Marcos Estrada, my travel companion till the very endDiana de Terra, Nina Meyerhof …here on the right:

who kindly saw me make a fool of myself as I volunteered to perform belly dancing on Indian music (my belly dancing teacher will die when she hears this…lol)

and of course Mr. Mahesh Pandey who so generously invited me to visit his remarkable school…on the left on this picture:Mr. Mahesh Pandey,State School Principal, on the left, with his colleague from the Cambridge School of Sardarshahar

more about it on my Indian Impression page soon, so stay tuned and more than ever, let’s keep the focus on children and their education

I leave you with a few more photos and a few links:

PRESS: http://www.iaseve.org.in/newsPublished.asp

and an invitation to dream….