Happy Spicy New Year 2013 (pour une année “treize épicée”)

Happy Spicy New Year to my old and new friends and to my readers who are invited to ask more questions, in the purely cosmopolitan Jewish tradition (the worst is always the one "She-Eino Yodea Lishol"(who doesn't know how to ask a question). This post is a brief and very superficial overview on an intense time in Thailand.

Chiang Mai Conference on Language Rights, Inclusion and the Prevention of Ethnic Conflicts (13-17 Dec. 2012)

My very personal summary of quite a special meeting in Chiang Mai. People, topics, sights, music, dialogues, it was human and beautiful from the first to the very last minute!

Nov. 29th 2012, in Chiang Mai and in the rest of the cosmopolitan world

On the day of Palestine's accession to the UN Observer Membership Status, some considerations from Chiang Mai celebrating the Festival of Lights, Lai Kratung. May this be the first light leading to a sky as heavily lit as Chiang Mai's these days, and may the kind and peaceful Thai people show the way to the many Israelis who now settled here!