70 years vs 2000 years: Testimonies and Memories

My first boss in Geneva and excellent friend Jean Freymond, probably wondering about my lack of reaction to the latest events around Israel's 70th, sent me the text below written by a very knowledgeable and fascinating author, Barnett Rubin whose life and involvement are a living proof of dedication to conflict resolution. This unpublished chapter is so full of details and meaningful anecdotes that I felt compelled to write a short note on what it prompted me...below Barnett's text and followed by Jean's comments and yours should you wish to add your input to this endless debate.

Let’s spring out of the dark pond

Last week was yet another shock in a 2015 which is a bit too rich in tragedies. However, what do we call a tragedy? A killing which involves Europeans or Westerners? Human Rights seem to have a universal value only insofar as it concerns us...And as long as this is the case, the barbarians who … Continue reading Let’s spring out of the dark pond

Henry Laurens et la Genèse du conflit Israélo-Palestinien

J'ai assisté à Uni-Bastions (U. de Genève) mardi 17 janvier à un magnifique et exhaustif portrait du Proche-Orient par un très grand professeur français, à l'invitation de l'excellent Cercle Martin Buber. Comme d'habitude, je suis ravie de partager avec vous mes notes en toute convivialité! Je vous rappelle que ces notes ne sont que le … Continue reading Henry Laurens et la Genèse du conflit Israélo-Palestinien