As I’m updating my notes, let me share this advertisement on Esperanto with you…Let me also add that I fully disagree with most of the statements made about language discrimination and disappearing languages. I am however interested by this topic and not altogether opposite to an alternative to International English, […]

testimonies from cosmo people

Through my Facebook contacts, I’m getting some first hand accounts of people multiculturalism….you’d be surprised and fascinated to realize how common this cosmopolitanism is…I created a COSMO Page …check my pages out for more. I decided to publish some of the most extraordinary messages and I started with Can….If you […]

Facebook group of sociolinguists

My daughter invited me on Facebook two years ago…That was a mistake, she had simply added all her e-mail agenda and taken my address by mistake! At first, I didn’t think much of it. I am, as it is, supra connected in real life, super surrounded by various cercles of […]