Dear Honourable Dr. Sumire,

The recent overwhelming news of the unanimous approval by the Peruvian Congress of  Law 806 for the Preservation and Use of the Original Languages of Peru under your competent impetus is certainly a great news for Indigenous populations around the world!

As a sociolinguist and multiculturalist working on relations between peoples and languages, I wish to sincerely extend my warm personal congratulations to you, as well as those from the various institutions to which I am honoured to belong  .

As the Founder of the informal networks Academia Sin Fronteras and Sociolinguists on Facebook, I also wish to let you know how thrilled our members have been upon hearing such an exceptional step forward in the long awaited recognition of your People in particular and of the First Peoples’ cause.

Indeed, while you obviously have materialized the hope of six million Peruvians who have an Original language mothertongue, you have alse proved to the scientific world and the international community that politics means taking matters at heart and delivering fulfilled actions after promises and political battles.

I will certainly do my utmost to contribute to disseminating this wonderful news to my contacts and networks and meanwhile feel extremely proud that a woman of your energy and intelligence has shown the world what keeping one’s word and dedicating oneself to her people truly means.

Dr. Sumire, you have become an icon and a hero for generations of dedicated women and people throughout the world.

All the very best in the implementation of this law now, so that words are followed by tangible acts. You can count on the support of my various networks.

Yours Faithfully,

Dr. Daphné L. Romy


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