Read Barber’s Consumed

I updated this note and certainly invite you to read this brilliant essay! More bibliographical notes (click here) Barber, B. (2007). Consumed: How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adults and Swallow Citizens Whole, W.W. Norton and Company. 5: On the potency of adolescent culture, liberals and conservatives agree. Writes Robert J. […]

François Crépeau

Congratulations to my friend François Crépeau who has been appointed since 1 January 2009, Hans & Tamar Oppenheimer Professor of Public International Law, at the Faculty of Law of McGill University. **************************************************** FRANÇOIS CRÉPEAU Lauréat Trudeau Fellow 2008-2011 Professeur Hans & Tamar Oppenheimer de Droit International Public Hans & Tamar […]

Geneviève Koubi

Koubi is a fine french law professor with a very independent mind, find some blogs and websites regarding her research and form your own opinion. It’s all in french but I’d be happy to give some insight if I can…

Just out of the press…

Détail de l’ouvrage recto • verso L’ANGLAIS ET LES CULTURES : CARREFOUR OU FRONTIÈRE ? Droit et Culture n°54 COMMUNICATION, MÉDIAS EDUCATION LANGUE La place de l’anglais est devenue un sujet de controverse qui laisse peu d’espace à une évocation des aspects positifs d’une langue internationale démocratiquement répandue. Ces contributions […]