Dear Cosmo People, Chers Amis Cosmopolites,

(n’hésitez pas à demander la traduction, autrement, c’est la règle du site d’avoir un post en anglais et le suivant en français)

December 29th…time to think back on a very strange year MMXI and to look forward to the upcoming MMXII !

  • A Tunisian Revolution which is not necessarily heading now in the right direction, although where there’s democracy, there should be hope ;

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  • An Egyptian Revolution which lead to chaos ;
  • A Libyan Revolution sounding pretty much like back to the future;
  • A Syrian Revolution which comes apparently too late for the world to take action (or the limits of R2P);
  • US pulling out of Iraq without any proper hope for peace in the region thereafter ;
  • Russia sounding pretty politkovskally incorrect ;
  • Europe in a major financial crisis ;
  • To summerize, Indignify and Occupy are the two keywords of a Year of all Dangers.

…Yet we are heading for the Year of the Dragon….

the only animal of the Chinese Calendar which isn’t real…does this mean we are heading into fantasy ? What is sure is that the fact that a dragon is made of various parts of real animals makes it a very Cosmopolitan element and thus we will interpret it positively, especially a Water Dragon, let’s hope this dampers a bit the firy element !

On a more personal note, 2011 has been an interesting and rich year. Friendly relations and resourceful meetings including the discovery (at last) of Peru,editing S’entendre sur la Langue (agreeing upon language) the forthcoming issue of Droit & Culture  together with Geneviève Koubi who deserves all my gratitude and admiration for having offered me the possibility of partnering with her and bringing along some remarkable writers such as Joshua Fishman, Fernand de Varennes, Probal das Gupta, Michael Hornsby and Tomasz Wicherkiewicz, Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan, Renford Reese, Oana Macovei and Alexandra Eftimie and, last but not least, Miryam Yataco (click on the names to reach their pages). This will certainly constitute a fascinating round the world and across time journey we all invite you to discover in a couple of month.

Among the very exciting upcoming events, let me mention the Sociolinguists upcoming Session at the Sociolinguistics Symposium 19 taking place in August in Berlin. Check us out at ID: 120 Title: Minisymposium of the Sociolinguists on Facebook on the Indigenous Languages in the City !

Among the initial contributors I have to thank Michael Hornsby, Serafin Coronel Molina,   Toni Waho,  Lisa Williams, Uri  Horesh, Margarita Huayhua Curse, Miryam Yataco and Amy Firestone. Please, do not hesitate to contribute as well, simply click on this link and register before January 31st, 2012. I will book some appartments for us to share and we should have a thrilling experience in one of the world most cosmopolitan cities !!!
2011 was the year I decided, against all odds, to not only join but contribute to create a JCall Association in Switzerland. I am convinced it’s high time for us, Diaspora Jews, to have a voice of our own in the peaceful resolution of the Middle Eastern Conflict. If you think linkewise, I invite you to check JCall EU and JcallSwitzerland sites and to sign our petition.

Let me conclude on letting you know that I will take a sabbatical leave next July till July 2013 and intend to present in Universities which will have an interest in hosting me for seminars or lectures. Contact me at Daphneromy at Gmail dot com for further information. I will also attend this coming year Fernand de Varennes’ Conference in Thailand for the International Academy of Linguistic Law next December. If we should meet, this should be in Berlin, Chang Mai or wherever you’ll care to meet me !

With this, let me wish you all the best for a year we will undoubtedly be in touch for the best of sociolinguistics, of a universality of academia, of friendship and of true solidarity !


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