Cosmopolitan perspective on English

I know what I owe to my knowledge of English and despise Hagège for biting the hand that fed him, so while I’m packing away to an International Seminar where my knowledge of English is of essence, let me speak out my mind to a former mentor who’s become a tormentor!

Read Barber’s Consumed

I updated this note and certainly invite you to read this brilliant essay! More bibliographical notes (click here) Barber, B. (2007). Consumed: How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adults and Swallow Citizens Whole, W.W. Norton and Company. 5: On the potency of adolescent culture, liberals and conservatives agree. Writes Robert J. […]

reasons for hope?

Check the “Last word” on the last page of this week’s double issue of Newsweek According to Peter Sutherland, Some reasons to hope we won’t close our doors too tight, simply because we need immigration…Here are some exerpts of his interview by William Underhill: You have been a great champion […]