A Captive Audience

Getting voluntarily in the taboo space of an American prison is exceptional, but allowing their inmates for an hour’s freedom by the power of your speech is unique. Forget academia, see these men’s souls and discover how human we all are, some having perpetrated unthinkable crimes and some born in the wrong neighbourhood, all crave for story telling and some hope behind their bars.

Renford Reese’s OpEd in defense of President Obama’s social policy

In order for American citizens to heal the wounds of our broken democracy we must transcend the politics of hate and hold each rabble-rouser (on the Left and the Right) accountable for their divisive language. We must begin to elect lawmakers that are independent-minded. As this nation is immersed in multiple crises, now is not the time to embrace the “Us v. Them” perspective. This is the time to argue, debate, reconcile, and move forward collectively. This is the democratic formula that has made America great. This is the American way.