Nelson Mandela: A Portrait of Great Leadership, by Renford Reese

Everyone has published or said something about Madiba…and my visit to South Africa had left a bitter-sweet taste of disillusion, but Renford Reese found the words I wanted to convey, a hope that education will overcome disillusion and that our mission as educators is only starting now.

Double Tragedy of the Trayvon Martin Case, by Prof. Renford Reese

The “Not Guilty” verdict made the Trayvon Martin case a double tragedy. Beyond the courtroom theatrics and the legalistic maneuvers within the past couple of weeks, the fact remains, an unarmed black teenager was proactively pursued and murdered and no one will be held accountable for this tragedy.
Of course this case was about race. For those focused solely on the law, the right verdict was rendered because the defense won the courtroom tug of war. According to the jury’s verdict, the prosecution could not prove Zimmerman’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Berbela, le cœur de la Favela

Artistes et confusions en tout genre, le premier jour au Brésil fut une entrée en matière pour le moins…brésilienne! Ebouriffante rencontre d’un monde à la fois très proche et totalement inconnu. J’espère que les images reflètent mon intense sentiment d’être à la fois chez moi dans cet univers cosmopolite et très loin de mes repères sociologiques une fois de plus!