International English

Chroniques Covid Chronicles Day 25

On day 25, things only seem to be getting worse. We are not the masters of that game. The African saying “Quand le gros maigrit le maigre meurt” is terrifying developing countries. Celebrating Easter and Passover will be challenging yet so much better at home than at the hospital!

Exhibitions at cosmopolitan crossroads

As I write these lines, I’m busy packing and sorting the essential from the trivial. However I believe it’s high time I addressed the main purpose of this blog, my conviction that our world is cosmopolitan in the sense that humanity always moved, even the indigenous part of us, met and cross fertilized artistically and religiously the various cultures in presence.

Cosmopolitan perspective on English

I know what I owe to my knowledge of English and despise Hagège for biting the hand that fed him, so while I’m packing away to an International Seminar where my knowledge of English is of essence, let me speak out my mind to a former mentor who’s become a tormentor!