Exhibitions at cosmopolitan crossroads

As I write these lines, I'm busy packing and sorting the essential from the trivial. However I believe it's high time I addressed the main purpose of this blog, my conviction that our world is cosmopolitan in the sense that humanity always moved, even the indigenous part of us, met and cross fertilized artistically and religiously the various cultures in presence.

The Israeli Peace Initiative was in Geneva on May 15, 2014

Upon the initiative of JCall SwitzerlandKoby Huberman and Ygal Tamir were invited to present the Israeli Peace Initiative, their low profile yet extremely interesting thinktank which acts as a response to the Arab Peace initiative. Both API and IPI belong to the Pragmatic Peace League (i.e. we don't need to love each other, simply to both enjoy living next to each other, D. Chemla).

Nov. 29th 2012, in Chiang Mai and in the rest of the cosmopolitan world

On the day of Palestine's accession to the UN Observer Membership Status, some considerations from Chiang Mai celebrating the Festival of Lights, Lai Kratung. May this be the first light leading to a sky as heavily lit as Chiang Mai's these days, and may the kind and peaceful Thai people show the way to the many Israelis who now settled here!