Cosmopolitan Serbia 

CCCV: Only solidarity will save Serbs Time to remember my lovely walks through a resilient city of Belgrade… …thanking the Serbians for their incredible hospitality, from my extraordinary world traveler […]

Cuba…ck in time

I’m writing these lines in beautifully obsolete and decrepit Havana….So glad to leave it although its charm and sadness will be in my heart forever. I’m a born traveler. It’s in my genes, blood, drive, mentality. I remember having to make presentations in my various classes of geography as a […]

Brazil and Beyond

This post will be short but hopefully sweet… Since my heart and most of my luggage stayed behind in Rio, this message from Barcelona is a simple photo update on my last iPhone photos and rapid summary of my latest whereabouts IN… EFFICIENT AND CULTURAL SÃO PAULO TROPICAL ET INDIGENOUS […]