CCCV: Only solidarity will save Serbs

Time to remember my lovely walks through a resilient city of Belgrade…

…thanking the Serbians for their incredible hospitality, from my extraordinary world traveler friend and best language teacher Branka Babic

and the very lively and knowledgeable guide Milica from Belgrade Walking Tours gathering in free tours tourists from all over the world, sharing  her experience (this 25 year old guide had 4 nationalities in her quarter of century….)

My charming and competent hosts of Le Petit Piaf, my hotel! ….

So let me share my wanderings in Belgrade and Zemun….

people in Belgrade still go to the park to meet, read and interact…that’s how you measure the impact of our “smartphones”
the horse statue of Belgrade Liberator in front of the National Museum, still closed (since over 5 years) in May 2016!
an ottoman house, near the oldest Mosque

The interesting signs….

The Jewish heritage and integration of Balkan Jews such as these exquisite members of Moša Pijade’s family….click here for more information about Jews in Yugoslavia and  the fascinating Jewish historical museum where I took some of the photos below 

This building (as testified by its inscription at the very top) used to fully belong to a now decimated Jewish community which only retains a small portion of it hosting the Belgrade community, the Serbian Jewish federation and the Jewish Historical Museum….

I also discovered the deep religious Serbia with some images almost taken out of a Kusturica’s movie and breathtaking monasteries of Manasija and Ravanica.!

forced to wear a skirt….fundamentalism is rampant!

a sign that a wedding is taking place….

But my warmest memories are the festive and hospitable spirit of the Serbians….including some seriously gastronomic restaurants!

you can find the name of this typical serbian inn on the man’s shirt below…a taste of paradise innan orchard….simple likd happiness!

Images of the landscapes, both side of cosmopolitan multinational Danube are now close to my heart….

a lovely way for the Partizan Football Club to adorn the city instead of simply tagging it in its feud against the Red Star
I owe it to the Serbs …a bombed building….soon a memory of the past, still a wound in the Serbian resilient soul! yet another proof of the stupidity of nationalism. one world!
the big scheme for a near future….I’m so glad I saw Belgrade’s real soul before it becomes one of these cosmopolitan metropolises such as Tel-Aviv, Barcelona or Casablanca!

So Balkans are now a destination I will certainly revisit….and there’s no doubt that Belgrade will always remain special to me, hoping that wouldn’t he wouldn’t destroy its amazing woman and human spirit

Branka on the square named after a member of her family (a famous conductor)
In Brankaland!


4 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan Serbia 

  1. A historically tortured border country/region. Fiercely nationalistic by instinct of survival and evidently cosmopolitan by historic realities. An explosive combination !!! Momo


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