Exhibitions at cosmopolitan crossroads

As I write these lines, I'm busy packing and sorting the essential from the trivial. However I believe it's high time I addressed the main purpose of this blog, my conviction that our world is cosmopolitan in the sense that humanity always moved, even the indigenous part of us, met and cross fertilized artistically and religiously the various cultures in presence.

Un monde intraduisible…an untranslatable world 

I've always been fascinated by untranslatable expressions such as the FrenchCucul la pralineOu en judéo-arabe tunisien Charchouna, zoufri et Mentschouech Voire le Bobet suisse ou le Ch'ha/ Go'ha universellement arabe....And I recently came across the link of a website which deals with a few of them (click on the link)...Quelle ne fut donc pas ma surprise lorsque mardi … Continue reading Un monde intraduisible…an untranslatable world