Cosmo SL people 

 Let's start with some tales....Grinding chili towards the outside  in Singama Dewale island Temple : the way to obtain revenge if you've been wronged.Sunia God at 10:00 pm rides his white horse with his wife Nagina cobra queen, so you'd better lit an oil lamp to fulfill your wishes.These beliefs are still anchored in the … Continue reading Cosmo SL people 

Burma: My…and more! Part 1

I've just come back from a trip into mysticism, culture, beauty and humor...let me quickly share this with you before my busy life takes away the wonderful flavours of an amazing civilisation. Myanmar or Burma? Only the UN and Switzerland where I live use Myanmar for what Aung San Suu Kyi and her partisans call … Continue reading Burma: My…and more! Part 1

De la frangipane aux frangipaniers

J'ai écrit le début de ce texte il y a exactement une semaine depuis ma petite école des riziè vous la livre avec déjà une pointe de nostalgie car ces saveurs, parfums, rires et moments d'intimité et de bonheur avec une communauté qui m'a accueillie comme l'une des leurs m'a touchée profondément. L'être humain peut être si bon, convivial et ouvert...parfois et surtout si on a la chance de tomber sur le bon spécimen!

Happy Spicy New Year 2013 (pour une année “treize épicée”)

Happy Spicy New Year to my old and new friends and to my readers who are invited to ask more questions, in the purely cosmopolitan Jewish tradition (the worst is always the one "She-Eino Yodea Lishol"(who doesn't know how to ask a question). This post is a brief and very superficial overview on an intense time in Thailand.

Chiang Mai Conference on Language Rights, Inclusion and the Prevention of Ethnic Conflicts (13-17 Dec. 2012)

My very personal summary of quite a special meeting in Chiang Mai. People, topics, sights, music, dialogues, it was human and beautiful from the first to the very last minute!