Let’s start with some tales….

Grinding chili towards the outside  in Singama Dewale island Temple : the way to obtain revenge if you’ve been wronged.

Sunia God at 10:00 pm rides his white horse with his wife Nagina cobra queen, so you’d better lit an oil lamp to fulfill your wishes.

These beliefs are still anchored in the very imaginative mythology of a colorful and cosmopolitan population in Sri Lanka… These images are a tribute to this “unmelted” pot!



villagers playing cricket near Bentota





my charming guide and “queen-sitter” Pradeep 😉 showing me how to cope with the mud….


impressive number of ads such as this one testify the urge to master the de facto main language of Sri Lanka ( de jure and demographically it’s Singalese)
very impolite chinese guests (spilled the rest of their tea on the floor in the lobby) taking the same picture…

But also delightful tourists such as Helena from Milano who felt sorry that I was alone for the New Year’s Eve dinner, or these charming Montrealers met at the Horton Plains who encouraged me to make some further steps to watch the Baker’s fall… Or these lovely Indians who entertained me at Breakfast  


with Ranil Senanayake in a house with a view…. in all the meanings of the term!
my guide’s mum welcomed me in a charming family house in Galle’s suburbs, holding Lassita, her grand-daughter
I was offered the hospitality… and Kaum, sri lankan oil cakes
notice how ladies swim behind me;-) duffy dressed !
photo shooting in Galle





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