Can there be any light in this darkness? Account of a mistimed conference

On July 8th, I had the privilege to attend a peace conference organised by the Israeli Newspaper Haaretz. Let me first stress that on that particular day, Hamas started unilaterally to send missiles and rockets on Israeli Cities. I experienced 3 alerts although I never made it to a shelter. This is my very personal … Continue reading Can there be any light in this darkness? Account of a mistimed conference

The Israeli Peace Initiative was in Geneva on May 15, 2014

Upon the initiative of JCall SwitzerlandKoby Huberman and Ygal Tamir were invited to present the Israeli Peace Initiative, their low profile yet extremely interesting thinktank which acts as a response to the Arab Peace initiative. Both API and IPI belong to the Pragmatic Peace League (i.e. we don't need to love each other, simply to both enjoy living next to each other, D. Chemla).

Eau en Israël-Jordanie-Palestine: La guerre des trois pour l’eau n’aura pas lieu

A Angers se tenait samedi 30 novembre 2013 une conférence s'inscrivant dans la série d'événements initiés par JCall Europe sur le thème Israël 2020....c'est à dire demain! En ce qui concerne la guerre de l'eau, la réponse est unanime, elle n'aura pas lieu car la technologie israélienne s'est chargée d’aplanir l'épineux dossier, sabra oblige!

La rédactrice en chef de Marianne à Genève pour JCall Switzerland

J'ai déjà évoqué ailleurs sur ce blog le bonheur et l'intérêt de l'excellent ouvrage de Martine Gozlan, Israël contre Israël dans ma bibliographie. C'est un ouvrage dont non seulement le fond mais aussi le style sont superbes. On y apprend tous énormément . Voici mes notes sur la conférence donnée ce jour, Dimanche 17 novembre par Martine dans les superbes salons de la Société Nautique de Genève. Elle est venu parler de son ouvrage Israël contre Israël et en débattre avec un public très diversifié de personnes cherchant à questionner la réalité actuel du soutien critique à un pays ami ou parent, Israël. Car comme le dit Alain Finkielkraut, une passion informée vaut mieux qu'une passion aveugle.

“Fall and Recover” and the Irish Modern Dance Theatre narrative by John Scott

His dance company, Irish Modern Dance Theatre, has some interesting dancers with very different bodies and styles, ex Cunningham , fierce, passionate Irish dancers from Dublin used to working in adversarial conditions for dance, then there’s Florence from Togo – spine damaged in three places...and all the others. Read more about this fascinating cosmopolitan company

Interdependence Day Dublin 2013

IDDAY 1 quick notes: Kingsley Aikins, Founder of Diaspora Matters: Be Irish dress British think Yiddish Oislin Quinn, Lord Mayor of Dublin 200'000 pax not Irish but Dubliners City built by foreigners (Vikings) You've got to make people feel ownership of any project you have as a Mayor. Ciaran Cannon, Minister of State/Education 2013 Gathering … Continue reading Interdependence Day Dublin 2013

International Conference on Language Rights, Dublin, May 24, 2013

Old timers and Junior Official Language Commissioners met on Friday May 24th 2013 at the first International Conference on Language Rights of its kind and to launch an eponym association. Commissioners, Ombudsmen and appointed Ministry officials in charge of monitoring the Linguistic policies of their country showed the vast range and discrepancy of attribution, budget and capacities of such a position and all agreed it wasn't an easy task as people tend to shoot the ambulance.