“Nous sommes tous”… en Terrasse…immédiatique!

Waking up in the peaceful island of Grand Manan and realizing that the 'immediaticness" was in fact exactly what terrorists expect, I wonder when people will finally realize education is key for a personal reflexion and involvement in our society which, as Churchill once said, is the worst with the exception of all the others. This post is a poetic and literary approach of my constant problematic on education.

Let’s spring out of the dark pond

Last week was yet another shock in a 2015 which is a bit too rich in tragedies. However, what do we call a tragedy? A killing which involves Europeans or Westerners? Human Rights seem to have a universal value only insofar as it concerns us...And as long as this is the case, the barbarians who … Continue reading Let’s spring out of the dark pond

“12 years a slave” revisited

We, Jews, have a special connection with the African-Americans. There is no doubt in my mind about this, although fewer Afro-Americans are now willing to agree about this connection. Pharaoh, Let my people go, We shall overcome...all these are songs that ring in our common psyche. We celebrate each year Passover, the time when we … Continue reading “12 years a slave” revisited

Nelson Mandela: A Portrait of Great Leadership, by Renford Reese

Everyone has published or said something about Madiba...and my visit to South Africa had left a bitter-sweet taste of disillusion, but Renford Reese found the words I wanted to convey, a hope that education will overcome disillusion and that our mission as educators is only starting now.