Eau en Israël-Jordanie-Palestine: La guerre des trois pour l’eau n’aura pas lieu

A Angers se tenait samedi 30 novembre 2013 une conférence s'inscrivant dans la série d'événements initiés par JCall Europe sur le thème Israël 2020....c'est à dire demain! En ce qui concerne la guerre de l'eau, la réponse est unanime, elle n'aura pas lieu car la technologie israélienne s'est chargée d’aplanir l'épineux dossier, sabra oblige!

Thank you JCall

I've landed in the (not so) Holy Land for a series of visits throughout Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Here are most of the presentations which were delivered to us, including, in alphabetical order, that of Salam Fayed, Elie Barnavi and Nathan Sharoni for the most impressive ones, but they were all of outstanding quality by outstanding people.

Notes pascales

Brève pause à mi-chemin de ma sabbatique qui reprend de plus belle d’ici quelques jours avec des voyages à Barcelone pour le plaisir et l'amitié, en Israël pour JCall mais également pour une intervention le 6 mai à l’Oranim Collège de Haifa at the invitation of my dear friend and colleague Larissa Aronin (who's just published … Continue reading Notes pascales

Renford Reese’s OpEd in defense of President Obama’s social policy

In order for American citizens to heal the wounds of our broken democracy we must transcend the politics of hate and hold each rabble-rouser (on the Left and the Right) accountable for their divisive language. We must begin to elect lawmakers that are independent-minded. As this nation is immersed in multiple crises, now is not the time to embrace the “Us v. Them” perspective. This is the time to argue, debate, reconcile, and move forward collectively. This is the democratic formula that has made America great. This is the American way.

Halal Meat in France, or when France discovers the Dictatorship of Virtue

Once upon a time, in the 70s, both Canada and Australia discovered multiculturalism, in a large part as a way to drown their problematic minorities of the time, namely and respectively the Quebecois and the Aboriginals... Now in 2010, almost half a century later, France, the country which didn't have "Multiculturalism" in its database in … Continue reading Halal Meat in France, or when France discovers the Dictatorship of Virtue

Read Barber’s Consumed

I updated this note and certainly invite you to read this brilliant essay! More bibliographical notes (click here) Barber, B. (2007). Consumed: How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adults and Swallow Citizens Whole, W.W. Norton and Company. 5: On the potency of adolescent culture, liberals and conservatives agree. Writes Robert J. Samuelson, a moderate liberal:"We live … Continue reading Read Barber’s Consumed