Les primes errent en France

Depuis un temps certain, je me désole de la superficialité et de l’inconsistance des campagnes présidentielles en France. Je les mets sciemment au pluriel car c’est une cacophonie de voix et l’élection des “maillons faibles” de chaque camp. Serait-ce l’inadéquation d’un système permettant à tous de venir fausser le jeu de l’adversaire?

On racism and other kinds of lack of respect

Does white elitism equal racism? Should the stupidity of some drive our cosmopolitan world into a sectarian one? How can we think and act towards any lack of respect to people based on their origin, complexion or religious creeds or lack thereoff? I open the floor to debate on how to best counteract the present cycle of intolerance.

“12 years a slave” revisited

We, Jews, have a special connection with the African-Americans. There is no doubt in my mind about this, although fewer Afro-Americans are now willing to agree about this connection. Pharaoh, Let my people go, We shall overcome…all these are songs that ring in our common psyche. We celebrate each year […]

Double Tragedy of the Trayvon Martin Case, by Prof. Renford Reese

The “Not Guilty” verdict made the Trayvon Martin case a double tragedy. Beyond the courtroom theatrics and the legalistic maneuvers within the past couple of weeks, the fact remains, an unarmed black teenager was proactively pursued and murdered and no one will be held accountable for this tragedy.
Of course this case was about race. For those focused solely on the law, the right verdict was rendered because the defense won the courtroom tug of war. According to the jury’s verdict, the prosecution could not prove Zimmerman’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

President Obama as Django, by Prof. Renford Reese

Professor Renford Reese reads Django as a metaphor for President Obama…I read Reese as a metaphor for a new generation of remarkable African American multiculturalists, a sunrise on another magnificent temple of enlightenment , thus my illustration at the end of the post. I added Alain Finkielkraut’s very harsh critique […]