Diasporas Juives et Haïti ou la mémoire effacée

Le 3 Septembre 2017, journée des Diasporas juives, j'ai participé à deux événements concordant parfaitement avec ma lecture et mes activités du moment. Ces coïncidences se sont télescopées avec ma riche journée du 7 septembre. Curieusement, j'écris ces lignes alors que Haïti s'apprête à être frappé par une catastrophe qu'on espère ne pas avoir à … Continue reading Diasporas Juives et Haïti ou la mémoire effacée

Could Obama have gotten away with Trump’s actions? By: Renford Reese

Prof. Renford was recently in Uganda, where everyone wanted to know what He thought about President Donald Trump. They also wanted to know what he thought about former president, Barack Obama. In discussing both presidents, it was clear to his new Ugandan counterparts that America is a country that is steeped in white privilege and racism. How do we know this? A simple comparison of Trump and Obama highlights this fact.

“12 years a slave” revisited

We, Jews, have a special connection with the African-Americans. There is no doubt in my mind about this, although fewer Afro-Americans are now willing to agree about this connection. Pharaoh, Let my people go, We shall overcome...all these are songs that ring in our common psyche. We celebrate each year Passover, the time when we … Continue reading “12 years a slave” revisited

President Obama as Django, by Prof. Renford Reese

Professor Renford Reese reads Django as a metaphor for President Obama...I read Reese as a metaphor for a new generation of remarkable African American multiculturalists, a sunrise on another magnificent temple of enlightenment , thus my illustration at the end of the post. I added Alain Finkielkraut's very harsh critique of the movie. at the … Continue reading President Obama as Django, by Prof. Renford Reese