70 years vs 2000 years: Testimonies and Memories

My first boss in Geneva and excellent friend Jean Freymond, probably wondering about my lack of reaction to the latest events around Israel's 70th, sent me the text below written by a very knowledgeable and fascinating author, Barnett Rubin whose life and involvement are a living proof of dedication to conflict resolution.

This unpublished chapter is so full of details and meaningful anecdotes that I felt compelled to write a short note on what it prompted me...below Barnett's text and followed by Jean's comments and yours should you wish to add your input to this endless debate.

L’Espagne à la fête: cataxit depuis le Pays Basque

Ce qui m’attirait au Pays Basque était ma découverte cet été de la présence basque à Terre-Neuve et au Labrador. Poursuivant mon fil d’Ariane Atlantique, j’ai cherché (et trouvé) les Vikings et leurs sagas mais en prime j’ai découvert une présence basque antérieure de deux siècles témoignant d’une témérité et d’un esprit d’entreprise encore trop méconnu!
Ce que je n’avais plus pas prévu était que le vote catalan en faveur de l’indépendance s’y produirait deux jours avant mon arrivée...et l’extraordinaire richesse culturelle que j’y découvrirais!

Republicans created Donald Trump, their albatross, by Renford Reese

I'm amazed at the number of disappointed lower middle class friends who have become enraged against Obamacare and their taxes raise to the point of being blinded to the very accurate depiction of Trump you are about to read. It seems that no matter what we write or fact check or analyze, we only contribute … Continue reading Republicans created Donald Trump, their albatross, by Renford Reese

The Deficit, Taxes, and Politics by Renford Reese

I was getting ready to watch the Machu Picchu sunrise when I got this post from one of my favourite guest columnist. You'll find more articles from him on a page dedicated to Afro-American issues and Renford's other papers   The present paper, a broader American perspective yet always a very interesting and challenging one, has … Continue reading The Deficit, Taxes, and Politics by Renford Reese