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Daphné Romy-Masliah, Scottish baroness of Barnis-Forbes, is French born, Swiss resident and English teacher, Ph.D. from the Department of Anglo-American Language and Literature of the Sorbonne, invited Professor at the University of Sidi Bel Abbes, Alger and a citizen of the world with infinitely spreading Mediterranean roots.

Sicile: Impossible d’oublier Palerme 

En affectueux souvenir d’Edmonde Charles-Roux qui nous a quittés cette année. J’en rêvais…depuis mes lectures d’adolescente…mais plus tournée vers l’Atlantique, j’attendais ce “bon moment”…certes Taormina fut un enchantement, parfait mélange de […]

Sicily: Taormina

It’s almost unreal…I woke up in lovely autumnal Geneva And tonight I’m enjoying dinner…my first sicilan pizza…in Sicily !  al fresco …and an almond Granito which was simply to die […]