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Kateb Yacine, quand tout est dit!

Tous les peuples sont frères, des frères orphelins, il faut qu’il se retrouvent. Kateb Yacine, par les quelques citations sur le Tamazight, les femmes et la liberté de pensée réfutant le pan-arabisme et se revendiquant de la Kahena, dans sa dénonciation de la conquête et de l’oppression musulmane, m’a toujours paru être un auteur intéressant car finalement je me retrouve parfaitement dans son Maghreb et pour une partie au moins de ma famille, je partage son histoire.

Views and Bridges: Cosmopolitan Brazil, from Avenue to Rua Simon Bolivar

My trip to Brazil was a firework of sensations, sights, human encounters. An amazing amount of wonderful perspectives, architectures, baroque or deliberately modern, and the open arms and the gentle smile of Brazilians impressed the lonely traveler. I was wondering why everyone was so fond of this country…these countries because each state and city is so different, now I know: Brazil is where where everyone feels at home.

Naïve or Traitor? The last but not least contribution on JCall Trip to Israel and Palestinian Territories in April-May 2013

If you are puzzled by the title, let me just tell you these are only some of the nice names I’ve been called by some Israelis here. Not all of them, far from it, and strangely enough usually from newcomers as opposed to the Pro-Peace camp made mostly of 3d or 4th generation Jews in Israel. Food for thought? I’m glad to share with you my last notes on my JCall visit, thanking again David Chemla and Alain Rozenkier for making my own return to Israel possible 😉

Human Rights Lights (tongue twister in more than a way)

Cosmopolitanism means celebration, of the Human Rights Day, called here the Democracy Day (a public holiday!), of Hanouka with the Chan Klan Road Jews, travelling to gorgeous Laos, tasting french wine and eating beautiful Thai food…and even the mind is working, preparing a conference on Language rights, inclusion and the prevention of ethnic conflicts concocted by Fernand de Varennes…with my modest logistical support;-)

Thanksgiving 2012

I’ve just landed in Thailand and already have the palate, the vision and all my senses awakened under a mild and pleasant sunshine. I believe I’m closer to Paradise, a very cosmopolitan paradise…surprisingly! This post will take you from the river thames to the river Mae Ping, but also from Geneva to Jerusalem…via Jaipur, somehow.