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Back to Berlin

Almost exactly one year after my visit last year with my colleagues from ECG Piaget, sociolinguistics brings me back to this city. This time, I rented a flat for my friends and colleagues in order to get to feel the city. I arrived in the dead of heat at 5:00 […]

Cosmopolitan perspective on English

I know what I owe to my knowledge of English and despise Hagège for biting the hand that fed him, so while I’m packing away to an International Seminar where my knowledge of English is of essence, let me speak out my mind to a former mentor who’s become a tormentor!

Dragon en vue, projets et perspectives 2012

Chers Amis (dear Colleagues, a translation will be available if you wish, otherwise the rule I decided to apply is to alternate French and English for my posts), Tournant résolument le dos à 2011  J’accueille avec plaisir, anticipation et un peu d’appréhension cette nouvelle page de ma vie. Que 2012 […]