This is what defines me best. What about you?

Notes pascales

Brève pause à mi-chemin de ma sabbatique qui reprend de plus belle d’ici quelques jours avec des voyages à Barcelone pour le plaisir et l’amitié, en Israël pour JCall mais également pour une intervention le 6 mai à l’Oranim Collège de Haifa at the invitation of my dear friend and colleague […]

Frontiers and Races

Alaska…the name alone has always been in my fantasies. I was dreaming to one day get to see this other WWW, the Wild, Wild West. The good news is that you can find it still today. How did it all happen? A mere coincidence! My long time friend and former […]

Bouquet final

Sourire et Wai qui risquent de me faire passer pour une crétine car cela n’est pas de mise là où je m’en retourne. Donc faisons un bilan rapide, à l’aéroport de Bangkok où je transite longuement: 1 cérémonie funèbre Royale, 1 Conférence comme excuse pour m’évader et 1 iPhone pour […]

President Obama as Django, by Prof. Renford Reese

Professor Renford Reese reads Django as a metaphor for President Obama…I read Reese as a metaphor for a new generation of remarkable African American multiculturalists, a sunrise on another magnificent temple of enlightenment , thus my illustration at the end of the post. I added Alain Finkielkraut’s very harsh critique […]

Adieu King Father and Welcome to the New Lunar Year

In Asia, the impossible can always happen, you just have to dream it. Such was my visit to Phnom Penh where I intended to take part to the Farewell to King Father Norodom Sihanouk, but no plan or idea of how this would occur. Eventually, the impossible happened and I will never forget this intense moment, in black and white of the farewell to one of the most vibrant figures of our recent history.