When you are ready, quite rightly, to condemn the Taliban’s ugly destructions of the Bamyan Buddahs

but while you do this, please consider how many religious treasures were destroyed by the Protestants in their desire to desacrate the Virgin Mary statues among other Catholics artifacts….and how many Protestants were killed for their faith during the St-Barthelemy Nightmare….

The marvelous exhibition I visited with his director, Nicolas Schaetti, certainly convinced me if I still needed this proof that religious intolerance is what we should be intolerant about!

If you have the opportunity to pay a visit to Romainmôtier, an Abbey which dates back from the 7th Century (possibly even the 5th) and bears the marks of the various religious and artistic currents, don’t miss it, especially before the end of this year which commemorates the millenary of the Cluny Abbey which ruled Romainmôtier for 4 centuries!

Click here for the various events and here for the Cluny “Headquarters” celebrations.

Here’s a sample of what my mobile phone was able to capture from a glorious day…Enjoy!

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