I visited Morocco for the first time this summer…not the best moment given the intense heat…to such an extent I was rather reluctant. I was lucky enough to be invited by my wonderful friend and Morocco born french artist, Laurence Guillaume.

As I came back, the arms full of goodies and the mind full of wonderful memories, I decided to write down some of the outstanding moments I shared with exceptional people.

The idea of this trip was that two mothers were going to take their 17 years respective sons for a trip back to their roots…Laurence was born in Morocco and wanted to share her precious past with her son Abel, while I was born in Paris from a north-african family and wanted to share some of this culture with my own son Alex.

3000 kilometres later, here are some of my photos from Casablanca, El Jadida, Oualidya, Marakech, Essaouira, Rabat-Salé, Fez and Mohamedia…these slide shows for you to discover and if time permits, you’ll have the story too…if you don’t ask, you are running the chance this is all you’ll see;-))

Thank you Laurence, Jaja, Pussy, Hervé, les deux Claude, Christian, Didier, Nawal et Luc! You made my trip an unforgettable one, truly!

What I loved the most were the people and the colours, the food, the authenticity and the modernity…I’m ready to pack for Casa for good!!!!

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