As promised to Toni and some other friends, my powerpoint presentation on minorities and indigenous issues (click to access) and some photos to conclude this wonderful trip. I remind all my friends whose sessions I couldn’t attend due to organisation flaws that I am expecting their powerpoint too, either for diffusion or just for my notes, up to you!

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I met wonderful people at WIPCE, Toni, Penny, Kate, Lori, Adriano, Cynthia, Luz, Rachel and many, many more. You’re all in my heart and thoughts! See you in real in Hawaii or elsewhere before and on Facebook and other social networks  including the excellent!

And…some links:

WIPCE Videos (thanks to Miryam Yataco, see above for more):


Thanks to Serafin Coronel Molina, a brillant researcher organising right now STILLA 2011 and President of the  Association for Teaching and Learning Indigenous Languages of Latin America(ATLILLA)

Blogs: Allanah King’s Blog on WIPCE experience

So, Aloha everyone, see you in Hawaii in three years. I start saving!

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