International Conference on Language Rights, Dublin, May 24, 2013

Old timers and Junior Official Language Commissioners met on Friday May 24th 2013 at the first International Conference on Language Rights of its kind and to launch an eponym association. Commissioners, Ombudsmen and appointed Ministry officials in charge of monitoring the Linguistic policies of their country showed the vast range and discrepancy of attribution, budget and capacities of such a position and all agreed it wasn't an easy task as people tend to shoot the ambulance.

et si Motti avait raison…?

Ma visite "activiste" est sur le point de s'achever. Terrible constat du lavage de cerveaux israélien et de  la conviction cynique pour une majorité d'Israéliens de l'inextricabilité du conflit. Celui qui l'a finalement le mieux résumé est peut-être Motti qui s'occupe d'un kiosque sur Hayarkon street à Tel Aviv: Il n'y aura jamais de paix … Continue reading et si Motti avait raison…?

Thank you JCall

I've landed in the (not so) Holy Land for a series of visits throughout Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Here are most of the presentations which were delivered to us, including, in alphabetical order, that of Salam Fayed, Elie Barnavi and Nathan Sharoni for the most impressive ones, but they were all of outstanding quality by outstanding people.

Chiang Mai Conference on Language Rights, Inclusion and the Prevention of Ethnic Conflicts (13-17 Dec. 2012)

My very personal summary of quite a special meeting in Chiang Mai. People, topics, sights, music, dialogues, it was human and beautiful from the first to the very last minute!

Henry Laurens et la Genèse du conflit Israélo-Palestinien

J'ai assisté à Uni-Bastions (U. de Genève) mardi 17 janvier à un magnifique et exhaustif portrait du Proche-Orient par un très grand professeur français, à l'invitation de l'excellent Cercle Martin Buber. Comme d'habitude, je suis ravie de partager avec vous mes notes en toute convivialité! Je vous rappelle que ces notes ne sont que le … Continue reading Henry Laurens et la Genèse du conflit Israélo-Palestinien

King Would Be Disappointed in U.S. by Renford Reese

Three papers have really caught my attention this week, by three dear friends, and, I'm proud to say, three great friends of mine, precisely because I admire the three of them. I let you read below Ren's paper and invite you to read as well Benjamin Barbers outstanding paper in the Huffington post and Osagyefo … Continue reading King Would Be Disappointed in U.S. by Renford Reese

Obama and The Republican Identity Crisis, by Renford Reese

You are now familiar with my distinguished friend, Professor Renford Reese, whom I met in 1999 and keep considering a really special thinker and political scientist. One of his recent papers on my blog about President Obama made a real buzz, and so did an earlier paper about Ted Kennedy and Michael Jackson. As usual, Renford is both … Continue reading Obama and The Republican Identity Crisis, by Renford Reese