Les primes errent en France

Depuis un temps certain, je me désole de la superficialité et de l’inconsistance des campagnes présidentielles en France. Je les mets sciemment au pluriel car c’est une cacophonie de voix et l’élection des “maillons faibles” de chaque camp. Serait-ce l’inadéquation d’un système permettant à tous de venir fausser le jeu de l’adversaire?

California, Hong Kong and multicultural perspectives

Whether we admit it or not, we are all multicultural and better address as a cohesive society the unease and backlash we experiment at present. Reading Renford Reese’s novel has been an eye-opener for me and I share it in this post.

5773…and a bit of kveching!

5773 in Israel and in the diaspora: Beyond academic and political borders, let’s stop kveching about what goes wrong and acting like a Mentch, each and everyone of us, especially the female gender despite the provocative call.

JCall in Switzerland

I had on Wednesday (June 23d, 2010)  a fascinating evening with some members of the Geneva jews who don’t think … More