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Let’s spring out of the dark pond

Last week was yet another shock in a 2015 which is a bit too rich in tragedies. However, what do we call a tragedy? A killing which involves Europeans or Westerners? Human Rights seem to have a universal value only insofar as it concerns us…And as long as this is […]

Burma: My…and more! Part 1

I’ve just come back from a trip into mysticism, culture, beauty and humor…let me quickly share this with you before my busy life takes away the wonderful flavours of an amazing civilisation. Myanmar or Burma? Only the UN and Switzerland where I live use Myanmar for what Aung San Suu […]

Brazil and Beyond

This post will be short but hopefully sweet… Since my heart and most of my luggage stayed behind in Rio, this message from Barcelona is a simple photo update on my last iPhone photos and rapid summary of my latest whereabouts IN… EFFICIENT AND CULTURAL SÃO PAULO TROPICAL ET INDIGENOUS […]

Amazing Amazonia

Amaz…ed note about an Amaz…ing city on the Amaz…on, with its variety of coexisting architecture, from the wonderful but largely dilapidated buildings which witnessed the European influence and early development of the Metropole in the Jungle to super modern infrastructure and beautifully restored buildings…in a way, Manaus IS Brazil, a bit of everything with a definite taste for exotism, european flavours and supernature!

Berbela, le cœur de la Favela

Artistes et confusions en tout genre, le premier jour au Brésil fut une entrée en matière pour le moins…brésilienne! Ebouriffante rencontre d’un monde à la fois très proche et totalement inconnu. J’espère que les images reflètent mon intense sentiment d’être à la fois chez moi dans cet univers cosmopolite et très loin de mes repères sociologiques une fois de plus!

et si Motti avait raison…?

Ma visite “activiste” est sur le point de s’achever. Terrible constat du lavage de cerveaux israélien et de  la conviction cynique pour une majorité d’Israéliens de l’inextricabilité du conflit. Celui […]