Is Switzerland such a “Strong Democracy”?

Benjamin Barber’s most striking political analysis was written with several references to the Swiss political system which he qualifies as a “strong democracy“ However, the recent votation regarding the presence of Minarets in the Swiss landscape and quiet cities certainly poses some questions as to the value of direct democracy. […]

Arte Documentary Film on Hitler and the Mufti

Retour sur la figure controversée de l’ancien grand mufti de Jérusalem, qui collabora avec les nazis et fut l’un des grands défenseurs de la cause panarabe. Author: Jean-Philippe Desmet Défenseur de la cause panarabe dès les années 20, Amin al-Hussein lutte contre l’émigration des juifs organisée par les Britanniques dans […]

Geneviève Koubi

Koubi is a fine french law professor with a very independent mind, find some blogs and websites regarding her research and form your own opinion. It’s all in french but I’d be happy to give some insight if I can…

Facebook group of sociolinguists

My daughter invited me on Facebook two years ago…That was a mistake, she had simply added all her e-mail agenda and taken my address by mistake! At first, I didn’t think much of it. I am, as it is, supra connected in real life, super surrounded by various cercles of […]