I discovered the delights of Sri Lanka breakfast with a tasty colakanda and white curry with roties… Pledge 3 cuisine is to be praised!

Then we hit the road to HABARANA with a rather heavy post-Christmas traffic and rather bumpy roads, but also colorful trucks and occasional flying peacocks (peafowls actually)…..between my beloved rice paddies;-)  

Checked in at the Green Paradise resort and Spa…. Not my type of hotel although I admit it is quite comfortable.. Z




since overtaking 3-wheel cars is a national sport… so is reporting to the police although in that case it was benign

Then we arrived to Polonaruwa ancient site.   Luckily it was raining and tourists stayed indoors so Sri Lankas and only a handful of crazy tourists such as myself were able to enjoy these remains of a sacred site used around the 11th century     
ancient baths
there are not enough bins so this is an inevitable result….


moon stone
flower offerings to Buddah


barefoot tourists, policeman and cows



























 And the evening came while we were visiting the stupa site …. Having the site for Pradeep, my guide and myself was a treat !

   And under a terribly heavy rain we came back meeting occasional adorned trucks… And wild elephants!




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