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Daphné Romy-Masliah, Scottish baroness of Barnis-Forbes, is French born, Swiss resident and English teacher, Ph.D. from the Department of Anglo-American Language and Literature of the Sorbonne, invited Professor at the University of Sidi Bel Abbes, Alger and a citizen of the world with infinitely spreading Mediterranean roots.

Chroniques Covid Chronicles Day 41

Figaro aurait eu un an dans trois jours, mais ce petit chat intrépide a préféré découvrir le vaste monde… et a fait une chute de notre balcon. Ce poste est dédié à ma boule de poils adorée qui est partie comme un boulet de canon dans un ciel serein en laissant sa famille bouleversée …

Chroniques Covid Chronicles Day 36

A very busy day between work and celebration of Clélia’s birthday. We discovered that China has been lying, that our governments are coping rather strangely with our release, starting with the hairdressers and finishing with secondary school students one month later…